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Lorenzo Varisco

I am an illustrator, character designer, storyboard artist, 2Danimator and virtual reality director and I am currently working as a freelance, after covering the role of art director for the animation studio Inkymind; among my duties, i wrote and directed gaming experiences in virtual reality, supervised and cooperate in the production of commercials, digital catalogues, TV series and pre-productions for films and short films. 

I graduated at the Accademia di Brera, the famous fine arts academy in Milan, where I learnt and developed the traditional techniques of painting and sculpture, later i broadened my skills about software products for digital artistic productions: I learned the fundamentals of CG thanks to the diploma obtained in the Computer Graphic's Master at BigRock | Institute of magic technologies. I keep a traditional attitude in using new technologies: that is why i can ensure a versatile creative approach marked by a strong knowledge of art's foundaments e techniques.


Stimulated-Inc, Storyteller, Europark MIlano Idroscalo, Margherita Premuroso, Armando Testa, Dude, RAI, Tribe, B612 Studio, Jenkev productions, The Aimes


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